About Our Products

  • Exotics - Opportunists we are. So when unusual, rare, and intricately made products are available we feature them here. Check back often as the venue will change. 

  • Pebbles - Unique to the islands where they were formed our colors and blends make fashion statements worldwide.

  • Sliced & Tumbled Pebbles - Designed for flat surface applications the pebbles are precision cut and then tumbled revealing their inner beauty.

  • Specials - When product resources become unserviceable we feature them here as long as inventory is available

  • Trellis Products - We have both Island Rock Trellis (Can be used for backsplash, feature walls, or cut to size for borders) and Pebble Tech (This split pebble is engineered into a strip design,perfect for stacking applications). 

  • Tumbled Marbles - Our natural marbles mostly from mountainous regions in Java, offer a variety of design alternatives.